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Flex pcb carrier / palett

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Flex pcb carrier / palett | 30 November, 2012

Hello, we are starting with the flex pcb production, can anyone advice a company in europe that is capable of design and manufacture palett / carriers / frames that allow to produce flex boards in standard smt process regards

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Flex pcb carrier / palett | 1 December, 2012

In my experience with flex the flex provider is the best place to go for these pallets. The competent flex and rigid flex providers will also provide the carriers if requested. Once you see what they are providing you, you could most probably make them yourself or locally through a machine shop. Good luck ....

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Flex pcb carrier / palett | 1 December, 2012

I don't know of a Eurolander pallet source. If I was a Eurolander and wanted to find pallet suppliers, I'd call the suppliers of pallet materials and ask them which of their customers that I should consider.

Durostone CCR/Durapol IGM L200/Glastic CBC are the premier composites in the pallet industry.

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Flex pcb carrier / palett | 2 December, 2012

A few years back when I was working in a Hybrid company we used carriers machined from aircraft grade aluminum. Its easy to machine on a Mill doesn't bend so easy when mishandled.The thing to know is do your flex circuits sit flat when placed on the carrier after being pasted. If they don't some sort of vacuum assist will be required. which then means a way of connecting it as the carrier, either arrives in place with say an arm that pops up to connect to the carrier with the vacuum. Or a hand connected tube before it moves into place. Hopefully you can avoid he specialist both of these options.

regards sarason

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Flex pcb carrier / palett | 4 December, 2012

Thank You for the feedback, I have contacted guys at DEK - and they are experienced with toolings and can help us out - the behaviour of our flex pcb is mystery, cause still in production...we are expecting firts samples beginning of 2013

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Flex pcb carrier / palett | 10 December, 2012


I work in a company in Israel that among other things, design and produce pallettes for flex pcb's. Plaese see our page if it is still relevant. Thank you

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