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Closed loop wash

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Closed loop wash | 28 November, 2012

We've just acquired a batch washer at an auction, and want to install it as a closed loop system.

The only problem is I have no idea where to turn or what to look for for a drain filtering system that will allow us to make it a closed loop system.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks, ..rob

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Closed loop wash | 29 November, 2012

Approaches to getting started are: * Most batch cleaning equipment suppliers provide both open and closed loop options on their machines. Talk to them about upgrading your machine. * There are companies that specialize in supplying closed loop systems for board fab and assembly operations. Resys is one that comes to mind.

I expect that you're not looking for a supplier and will want to cob something together yourself, but you may be able to tease the information that you need from a supplier.

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Closed loop wash | 29 November, 2012

Thanks, Dave.

As a start-up, we're trying to make it as cost effective as possible. That said, we also want to do it right. We don't want the possibility of the City/State/EPA coming down on us anytime in the future for contaminants being discharged from the facility.

Cheers, ..rob

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Closed loop wash | 1 December, 2012

Is this an aqueous wash or chemistry wash? If aqueous you will need a DI water system at your facility. There are several ways of going about that, but there is an initial capital investment. Good luck on your project.....

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Closed loop wash | 2 December, 2012

It'll be a DI system.

As it turns out, we contacted another EMS company down here, and asked them what they did. They pointed us to their supplier. Conveniently, the same company will set up the DI system for us, and the post wash filtering/plumbing back into the DI system.

Thanks! ..rob

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