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Series or parallel machines

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Series or parallel machines | 24 November, 2012


i have 2 pick&place machines.

which configuration is better: put 2 in series or parallel?


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Series or parallel machines | 25 November, 2012

If you can put and run all the parts for a single product on one machine, run them in parallel. If you can't, run them in series.

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Series or parallel machines | 26 November, 2012

Running in series is best for less change-over, depending on how many components you use. But, as Dave stated, if you have the capacity on your machines to run your product on one machine, then you can do that and get twice the throughput. Series will give you more capacity, but less throughput. You can always add more machines in series later.

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Series or parallel machines | 11 December, 2012

We recently acquired another machine and am faced with the same issue. We are a low volume/high mix company. I chose to run them in series so I can put the more common parts on the first machine and leave them there and put the parts that change from job to job on the second machine in order to reduce changeover time.

If they are in series, you have to split the program in your software and purchase a conveyor between the two (or just hand transfer). If they are in parallel, you have to split the reels between two machines (this was more of an issue for us). Probably its best to run parallel if working on smaller, higher volume jobs and is better if one machine goes down.

Another thought is if the machines are different brands, parallel may be your easiest option. We have two of the same so line balancing and feeders aren't an issue. Just my 2 cents as I am just getting into this as well.

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Series or parallel machines | 21 December, 2012

We run in series... Pick n Place is not our gating process

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