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Calibration-YTV-BX | 8 November, 2012


We have 2 AOI Automatated Inspection Systems, Model YTV-BV, as we are going through auditing and the Auditor requests that we need to have documentation to indicate whether the units are required to calibrate annually or not. Please kindly reply to us via email and let us know.

Please clearly indicate the model number and the requirement on your email.

Thank you very much for your support,

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Calibration-YTV-BX | 12 November, 2012

YesTech recommends to calibrate every 6 months. So yes, annually at the least.

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Calibration-YTV-BX | 16 November, 2012

This documentation can be downlaoded from our FTP site. Please contact us at 1.760.918.8471 or via email at and the first person availble should be able to help you.

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