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New equipment evaluation

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New equipment evaluation | 2 November, 2012

Hi folks, I'm trying to develop a method to evaluate new SMT equipment, we will need to invest in a new SMT line soon, so I have to evaluate what machines would fit our manufacturing process, I'm thinking in create a matrix and evaluate every machine in the most important fields, such as price, service, previous experience, quality, power consumption, etc... by giving every field a specific weight I think I can evaluate the machines fairly.... does it make sense to you? I will evaluate a complete line with Printer, SPI, P&P, Oven, AOI, Router.... Unfortunatelly I do not have the resources neither the time to have all of those machines in house, maybe some visits, but thats all... what can you share based on your experience...? Regards!

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New equipment evaluation | 2 November, 2012

Rather than a catalogue af all the machines and their specs, you might start by defining what YOUR requirements are... some machines are better suited for low mix, high throughput, some better suited for low volume, high changeover rate. Ask yourself what is your company's focus? Use your time to focus on those type/class of machines. Then build your matrix. By the way, every salesman that comes down the pipe will quote speed and specs all day. Determine your real needs, then inquire to the mind group here in the forum as to what might be a better machine for your actual requirement and situation. Just my $.02 'hege

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New equipment evaluation | 6 November, 2012

Thanks for the input, I will consider it.

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iqvisionmachine | 29 November, 2012

About iQVision

Incorporated in July 2011, iQVision’s mission is to provide reliable, robust vision-inspection solutions to Australian manufacturing industries, by establishing, then automating, objective quality processes.

iQVision is a Matthews-affiliated company and works closely with Matthews on integrated product identification projects where vision inspection is needed. It also operates directly with customers on vision-only projects.

The company is developing and managing wide OEM and integration partner networks to supply the Australian and New Zealand markets.

iQVision has a wide range of vision solutions for industrial applications. These solutions are specifically designed to suit your needs and processes, and to achieve effective and lean manufacture. Developments in the technology have now made it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

iQVision delivers the best fit technology for your application and can help with:

Understanding your production process, quality issues and defining the application Scoping the application and building the specifications Suggesting the right technology (hardware- cameras, lighting etc as well as software- firmware and controlling software) Building and commissioning the solution Supporting the solution

Talk to us if you have an existing solution from Cognex, Datalogic, Dalsa, Omron or Sick that is not delivering the results you would like it to. We can help service or re-configure the system to increase your return on investment.

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New equipment evaluation | 6 December, 2012


After you define what Hegemon sudgested, and you build your matrix you should still evaluate the machines inhouse if you can or at the manufacturers side. For me the most important parameter on a machine is the changeover time. Some machines you can setup very easy for new product compared to others. If you are not a high volume manufacturer, which I assume you are not you should focus on the line changeover.

- programing speed - programing rpe-requirements - feeders loading - adjustments on the line(what can you do offline and what you should do on the machine itself)

Some lines will be hard to setup compared to others.

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New equipment evaluation | 12 December, 2012

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