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Through hole AOI

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Through hole AOI | 16 October, 2012


are you useing any Through hole AOI in your conventional Hand Assembly and what Typ is it pre- oder post-solder?

And what errors are you ecpecting to detect? -missing component -component Offset -polarity Check -or???

Is there Any Manufacture you prefere?

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Through hole AOI | 19 October, 2012

When using AOI for through hole you can expect to be able to detect, depending upon whether inspecting from the solder side or the destination side: Polarity (if applies) Value (if marked) Presence (should be there) Non-Presence (should NOT be there) Insufficient Solder or non-circumferential wetting Solder Bridges Basic FIllet shape in comparison to a golden or other acceptable samples.

We use AOI in this manner, as we run a lot of mixed technology. We have experience with Mirtec and Yestech. Both are easy to program and provide great detection methods. `hege

I have no affiliation nor receive any compensation from any Companies listed in this post.

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Through hole AOI | 23 October, 2012

Does anybody have experience with "DCB Automation - UltraVision"?

It looks like an good equipment, but user Information are very rare based on www

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