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Dek vs MPM Printers

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Dek vs MPM Printers | 2 October, 2012

DEK or MPM stencil printers, which manufacturer do you prefer and why?

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Dek vs MPM Printers | 8 October, 2012

We run both. We just bought a new Horizon 03iX with all the bells and whistles. Nice machine, great install and training. We've already saved a ton of labor using the adhesive dispense system. Both brands are very good. The MpM's are built heavier and very rugged and generally more costly. Service from MpM over the years has been great as is DEK service. Buying vectorgaurd stencils from DEK is easy, very fast and good price. I've programmed both and find them different but intuitive and my preference for programming is MpM but that's becuase I've ran them much more so my brain is geared that way. Sorry I'm not real opinionated; all I can say is you will be happy with either.

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Dek vs MPM Printers | 8 October, 2012

I agree with SWAG we run both. our latest was the DEK horizon because they had a better price. If MPM had a better price we would of bought that.

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Dek vs MPM Printers | 10 October, 2012

Hi guys... I have both of them, but I prefer MPM. DEK is too problematic on our production. The biggest difference between them is in 2D inspection. Setting 2D inspection on DEK is a nightmare. MPM is really clever machine, what do what you tell him to do ;)

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