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Need Renco Encoder

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Need Renco Encoder | 24 September, 2012

I'm looking for a new or used Renco Encoder with P/N 77676-295. Everyone out there know where can buy it please tell me. Attached is foto of my Encoder for reference. Many thanks,


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Need Renco Encoder | 24 September, 2012

Try: * Danaher Controls Dynapar encoders * Encoder Products Company rotary encoders * BEI trademark encoder *

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Need Renco Encoder | 26 September, 2012

Thank you for your suggestion. I checked these link, but did not find equivalent encoder for replacement. My renco encoder is for Servo motor of Contact 3AVX machine. Did you know about this machine?


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Need Renco Encoder | 3 October, 2012

After many trying to find equivalent Renco encoder for my Contact 3AVX, I get it. My machine is running well without any errors after installing a new Rencode encoder. I hope, this message can help some one who has the same problem as my problem. Please drop me an email if need new Renco Encoder for Contact 3xx machine.

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