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Polyester vs Polymide

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Polyester vs Polymide | 19 September, 2012

Looking into possibly receiving samples of polyester masking dots for conformal coating. Our usage of polymide dots have really increased in the past months and we're always looking for a reduction in costs. The only information I've found is that polyester tape has the same static properties of polymide at room temperature but can change with increased and decreased temperature.

Anyone familiar using polyester tape on assemblies? Any positive or negative experiences?

Polymide rolls of dots are at around $25 while polyster is at $14.

Specs- Conformal Coating Process using Dow Corning 3-1953 DIY Oven with three zones set at 225c for ~3minutes Assembly temps exiting the oven @ ~120c

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Polyester vs Polymide | 3 October, 2012

I would just got with simple paper dots. Shercon sells them cheap. In use, they are no more an ESD threat then the Polymide or polyester.

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Pete B


Polyester vs Polymide | 22 October, 2012

I agree with Lou. Crepe paper is the way to go, MUCH cheaper and conforms much better to parts and surfaces being masked. Source items that have a rubber based adhesive and you will also avoid the conformal coating solvents leaching the masking adhesive.

Hope this helps.

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