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error message :pcb expected at exit

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error message :pcb expected at exit | 14 September, 2012

Hello!I have a delta wave with these problems:offtime of lambda wave tracking is too long and when modify offtime setting to a negative value for a fast stop on tracking position of lambda wave, the wave pass on stand-by with a delay of half of leght of pallet every time.Ontime of lamba wave on tracking is working fine.I noticed the same delay occurs and the nozzle off fluxer.Offtime modifies nozzle fluxer, fluxing stops faster, but after a short time later turns fluxing although OnTime nozlle fluxer value remained the same.Pcb expected error appears at exit.I cleaned and checked the input and output sensors. In debug mode on rack0 at S5 position i checked if he sees palette entry and exit.Receives commands but random tick boxes and uncheck 2-3 times per second.I need some help!Thank you!

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