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Cleaning paste-printed PCB

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Cleaning paste-printed PCB | 3 September, 2012

Is it a good idea to clean a paste-printed PCB when some printing defect comes and reprinting it ? Or can it be double-printed ?

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Cleaning paste-printed PCB | 4 September, 2012

The best thing you can do is to clean the board that has a solder paste defect on it. If you don't you probably will have issues after reflow. This could include bridging, raised parts, or any number of issues. You need to remember that if you are reworking something you are applying heat to it numerous times to make things right. The less you heat things the better the solder joints will be the better the part will be. So clean the boards using your favorite cleaning solution and a ultrasonic cleaner if possible. Once cleaned. Make sure that you don't have solder balls in via's or through holes as these can cause problems later also. Hope this helps.

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Cleaning paste-printed PCB | 4 September, 2012

cobhambill is right but depend on how bad the defect, and how good your printer is, you can reprint it one more time. I did sometimes with my equipment with no problem. It's hard to clean NO-CLEAN solder-paste properly, specially with panelized PCB with lots of goldfingers.

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