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Sourcing for New Equipment

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Sourcing for New Equipment | 30 August, 2012

Hi everyone -

Where do you guys go to find a supplier/s for a new piece of equipment?

a. Trade Shows b. Contact your local Rep c. Online search engines (i.e. google) d. Print Publications e. Other

Thanks for the input!

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Sourcing for New Equipment | 31 August, 2012

My answer is f) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Depending on the type of equipment needed, I first research possible suppliers using the interwebs. I then request more information from any possible suppliers that I may find. Then I'll contact a local rep to see if there's an identical piece of equipment within a short drivng distance that I can take a look at. I also use Trade Shows whenever possible because then you can look at equipment from more than one supplier and you have the oppourtunity to "Touch and Feel" each one.

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Sourcing for New Equipment | 1 September, 2012

For me, it's mostly b, c, and d. Google is a wonderful tool and you can find just about anything. Trade shows can be expensive, so I typically don't go to those, but if or when I do, I have an idea of exactly what I'm looking for. What are you looking for?

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