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s-2000 nozzle pick error

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s-2000 nozzle pick error | 22 August, 2012

Our S-2000 pick & place machine has head 2 not picking up any nozzle & displays error code 8342(nozzle check error). In ANC setting, head 1 pick/put ok but not head 2; when "MANUAL" box is checked, clicking PICK/PUT then both head 1 & 2's status display properly. I manually inserted nozzle to head 2 then clicked PICK with MANUAL box checked to make head 2's status displayed nozzle is in the head then unchecked "MANUAL" box then click PUT, head 2 released nozzle properly but with error 8342. There are 2 sensors that I can see, one called "hole fixer sensor" located in front of the head & the other in the back (sensing when motor move up/down? which is not incated in the manual).Is there any sensor inside the head assembly that sensing whether the nozzle is there or not or loose? Please help!

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