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Universal GDM

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Universal GDM | 14 August, 2012


I am having a problem with Universal GSM1 with the Adhesive head. It's a model with piston pump. When i try to dispens a sping that needs to push the adhesive in the syringe doesn't have power to push it. Everything is well cleaned. Maybe it's the problem in the syringe? I use Loctite 19873 Chipbonder 3609, 30 ml, Fuji Syringe (it's for fuji head). Can u link some other syringe that u used and it worked well!?

Thx u in advance.

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Universal GDM | 15 August, 2012

those can be tricky. Try adjusting the start,stop nuts on the top of the pump. It may not be traveling far enough. Chipbonder your using should be fine and as long as your sure EVERYTHING is clean, using ream wire and solution syringe is being run thru it, that's all i can think of other than increasing air flow in the i/o section.

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Universal GDM | 16 August, 2012

Thx for the response. But the problem after all was in the syringe. The fuji one was big,and the stop nuts didn't have the presure to push the glue out. With the 10 ml regular syrnge everything is flowing like it should.

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