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Flying Probe, AOI

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Flying Probe, AOI | 7 August, 2012

We currently have a TRI TR7500 AOI machine we are happy with, and a Tescon flying probe on its way out. We are looking at getting at least 1 flying probe machine, if not an additional flying probe and AOI for another line. They are both used after SMT assembly. (post reflow)

What machines would people recommend looking at? Either fairly cheap new or obtainable second hand options.

Any experience of the newest Tacaya flying probe machines? Do they have full AOI capabilities too? Enough to replace the need for a dedicated AOI machine?

Where else should I be looking?

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Flying Probe, AOI | 22 August, 2012

Have you searched the forum? My guess is no, based on your question. That's where I would start. This is an old topic with multiple threads.

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