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Large component count board

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Large component count board | 3 August, 2012

We will be running a very large board with 62k+ components on it in the coming week. Has anyone run boards with this qty before? For sanity sake I had to split up the board into 12 individual programs. We will be forced to run it on a My12 due to its size. We found a paste that hopefully has enough tack time for us to complete the placement. The potential problem I am most worried about is the paste drying before all the parts are down. I cant think of any good contingency in this case, anyone have an idea?


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Large component count board | 6 August, 2012

We run a MY12 and our largest layout has 9700 components of which about 8500 (88%) are placed by the Hydra head. Average run time for our layout is 75 minutes. Based on that and depending on what percentage of your components are Hydra mountable, you are looking at 7.5-8.5 hours placement time on the MY12. Do you have the MYPlan software? That software can predict the best way to load the MY12 in order to get the minimum assembly time on the machine. Loading 2 or 3 reels of the same high quantity component on the MY12 can reduce assembly time as well. The MyPlan software will tell you how many reels of each component to load if the multiple reel options are enabled.

The maximum time we have ever gone between stencil printing the paste and reflowing it in the oven is 4 hours. We still had good results at the 4 hour point but you are looking at doubling that time. Good luck!

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