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Six Sigma Training

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Six Sigma Training | 1 August, 2012

I am looking to send a couple of employees to take some focused training in six sigma. It would more than likely be at the beginner level, overview to green belt. We are a smaller contract manufacturer and want to implement more use of six sigma methodologies/DMAIC, SPC, and Kaizen. Our goals are to implement projects with a strong and statistical focus on cost/waste reduction, Defect Analysis/reduction, DOE, and Machine Characterization. Has anyone on the forum had any training they would really recommend? I have done some research and have found institutions such as Acuity and, but want some opinions from people who have felt the training they were involved in has helped their skills and organizations. Thanks

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Six Sigma Training | 1 August, 2012

You cant go wrong with the SMTA Program.

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Six Sigma Training | 2 August, 2012

Even though I cannot answer your question about a good Six Sigma training course, our company has had training in lean which I felt was helpful.

You stated that one of your goals was to reduce cost/waste. That goal seems to lend better to a lean manufacturing methodology than six sigma. Your company will spend many $$$ for training and it may be that six sigma is the right thing to pursue for your company. Just be sure the ladder is against the right wall. Perhaps a Lean Six Sigma hybrid approach is worth considering.

Below is an article that compares six sigma vs lean vs theory of constraints and how to choose what is best for your organization.

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Six Sigma Training | 17 August, 2012

Thanks for the advice

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