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DIMM Connectors

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DIMM Connectors | 30 July, 2012

Just curious if anyone else has trouble with the installation and inspection of DIMM Connectors (I know - these are through-hole parts!) We have boards with 240 pin DIMM connectors and occasionally a pin may not be properly aligned prior to press-fit. If we don't catch this before the wave the connector gets soldered and subsequent removal is not always successful leading to a scrapped board. Does anyone know of any fully automated systems specifically designed for the purpose of inspecting lead protrusion to ensure that all leads of the DIMM made it through the board prior to going to wave solder? Thanks Much for any help on this.

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DIMM Connectors | 31 July, 2012

I assume that you're not looking to find a BIG-ass AOI system to aid in your DIMM inspection efforts [no offense meant]. If so, we have lots of AOI aficionados that can help with suggestions along that line.

When I was at IPC APEX 2012, I talked with ... Bob Simmons wrote software to help develop the initial APS Novastar SMT placement machine. From that knowledge, Mr. Simmons and his development team at RS Simmons [RS Simmons Co., LLC 818 Harmony Hill Rd., West Chester, PA 19380; 610-873-3402] developed the SimmScope, a PCB & PCBA first article inspection and image documenting system.

Let me add to this by saying, I don't work for the company referenced above, don't own stock in the company referenced above, have never known anyone who works at the company referenced above and whether you buy a product from the company referenced above or not I don't get anything for writing this. I am not "fanboy" of the company referenced above, although I can give credit where credit is due and lately the company referenced above deserves credit for some of their products.

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