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Pad cratering

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Pad cratering | 23 July, 2012

We are having a problem with a 601 pin BGA in that the corners of the BGA are lifting and taking the pads with them. Faults are not always seen straight away so we are not sure at which point the fault is happening. So far it looks as though flexing of the board is doing this. Should this be easy to do once the board has been assembled and cooled down? Has it more likely happened during the solder process? Worth mentioning is that the underside of the PCB is wave soldered after the BGA has been reflowed.

Any ideas or fixes would be appreciated.

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Pad cratering | 23 July, 2012

I would think that wave solder beneath a BGA component might be a little bit stressful. The board will be expanding much faster than the BGA on the topside. This will cause some stress to the solder joints that might show up as the failure you are describing... 'hege

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