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Director Fuji Flexa + CP4

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Director Fuji Flexa + CP4 | 17 July, 2012


I use CP4, CP6, CP643, GLV and NXT, but i have a problem with CPIV, i cant use It with Director Fuji Flexa.

i use snifer rs232 (rs232mon) to resolve problem and what i know:

Computer send on rs232 to machine (every 1 min or something):


after this CPIV replay :


its all what computer and cpIV send, when try get list programs from CPIV i get error "Unable to obtain data list.(61741392)" ( in CP6 and CP643 computer send request do machine "dA" and after this machine send list programs).

if u have any solution to my problem (use director with CPIV) please help me :) .

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Director Fuji Flexa + CP4 | 18 July, 2012

If you have the backup files for your program and proper. Try to flush-out the machine memory. Then try again to report CP4 to flexa. If the reporting went good, the communication must be ok. Resend the proper and program.

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Director Fuji Flexa + CP4 | 18 July, 2012

I can not send or receive proper of the machine, also i cant send or recive program. on the second computer I have, "ESMT 1.0.1," there without any problem computer communicates with the machine, but this is an old program and wants to have everything in the Director fuji flex. I installed the new Director on the new computer and I have the same problem with communication, I think the problem may be some bugged / old version of Director, I currently have a Director V4.3.0.8 + NXT v5.02, can later be solved my problem? Where can I get a newer Director + "NTX addons", of course I have a USB license key.

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Director Fuji Flexa + CP4 | 20 July, 2012

Have you ever try to replace the CP4 CPU card? Please try replacing CPU. Some cases, machine will boot normal. But no communication to the other machine.

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