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SPI for 32 x 22 Backplane

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SPI for 32 x 22 Backplane | 16 July, 2012

Does anyone have experience with very large PCBs at Solder Paste inpection? our largest board is 32" x 22", it is a 0.250" thick and I was wondering if there is an Inline SPI for such dimensions. Currently I have a benchtop height measurement device (not automatic) in wich I'm able to measure virtually any point at my PCB, but when I replace the benchtop I'd like to have an inline 3D inspection system... I have researched the common (for me)suppliers, but most of them are limited to ~20" x 20". Any input will be appreciated

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SPI for 32 x 22 Backplane | 17 July, 2012

Hello Jorge,

We offer both a large board AOI and SPI system. It is our Spectra platform. This system can go up to 24" x 36".

Please feel free to call me with more questions.

Best regards,

Richard Osborne North American Sales Manager - Machine Vision Products +1-614-263-6661

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