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LED on the board

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LED on the board | 11 July, 2012

On the board, LTST-S320KGKT (LED) was supposed to be placed as shown in the figure. The pads and silkscreen with legend were also made as shown in the figure. But after the part was placed on the board, I realized that the sizes recommended by the LED manufacturer was different from what I had designed on CAD. And according to the LED's datasheet, I am supposed to have an extra pad in between the two pads. This is really weird.


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LED on the board | 12 July, 2012

Hi George,

The extra pad is just for mechanical strength, it's not connected. As the Liteon LED is just a side view & nothing special you may get lucky and find that a someone like Rohm, Avago or Osram make something without the centre pad that still fits your PCB.


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