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BGA basics

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BGA basics | 10 July, 2012

We do SMT now, but might need to do some BGA.

I assume we need: xray or some way to inspect bga workstation bga reballing system

Does this look ok?

Can anyone give me a rough idea of what it costs to get the basics needed for very low volume BGA?


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BGA basics | 17 July, 2012

From some of the equipment we have here at the facility you could expect the following:

X Ray- ~$75K-$100K BGA Repair- ~$30K-$50K

We don't own a reballing station.

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BGA basics | 23 July, 2012

If your pick and place can handle the part placements, you are most of the way there. X-Ray for Inspection of BGA and other bottom terminations = $60K(USD) and up. BGA Rework Station $40K and up. You can reball most any BGA with your Rework station.

No panic with BGA, it is just another solderable component after you have done a few. 'hege

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BGA basics | 23 July, 2012

The prices you have been given for rework stations are for new systems. You can find cheaper systems (much cheaper) out there from used equipment dealers. X-ray will be harder to find, but you may find one that will suit your needs at a reasonable price.

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