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wav smells

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wav smells | 10 July, 2012

We are having an issue where when we are wav soldering, there seems to be a lot of smell. We have exhaust fans running, but not sure how to know if they are enough.

Do you know what area of the machine/process is most likely the cause of the smell and what to do to reduce that?

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wav smells | 11 July, 2012

To check the airflow for your exhaust, use a manometer. Testo makes pretty good low cost models. Your machine manufacturer should be able to tell you what the requirement is or it's in the manual under setup. If it's a Vitronics Delta wave, I can tell you. As far as the smell, lots of variables here. What kind of preheaters do you have? And is the smell noticed on all the jobs you run/is it there without running any product? Flux? Contaminants on the board to name a few.

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wav smells | 11 July, 2012

Several points are: * There can be a seasonality to the venting of [smells emanating from] wave solder machines, because the heating and cooling of your plant changes with season. * Supplier's specification for your wave solder machine defines the proper amount of venting that you should be using. * Wave solder machine suppliers love this one: Place a baseball cap by the opening to the vent. If the vent tries to suck in the hat, you're good to go.

Where is Wave Master Larry when we need him?

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