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Samsung Quad QSA 30

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Samsung Quad QSA 30 | 7 July, 2012

I purchased and am setting up a used QSA30. It has been a little frustrating but I finally have an almost program.

The isse is that I can not generate a placement program because it says that the ANC is not registered.

I can look at it on the system and when I go through the placement profile I can see the ANC and the nozzels.

I am getting error code 211, 212 and 213 on every head and ever cycle.

Any suggestions?

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Samsung Quad QSA 30 | 9 July, 2012

Does it show the ANC in a position on the feeder base in the screen that has the nozzles/hole positions? When you go to optimize ...there is a screen that has something to do with registered ANC.....There could be something there that is incorrect. I dont have the software to open it to tell you the exact screens to check.

Good Luck.

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Samsung Quad QSA 30 | 9 July, 2012

After fooling around with it, I was able to clear that error. I didn't know that I had to assign nozzels to each part, I though the feeder assignment would do that.

I appreciate the reply.

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Samsung Quad QSA 30 | 9 July, 2012

Once you optimize and you go into step program....the nozzles should be assigned to each placement. If it is not doing this....the optimizer is still not working the way that it should.

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