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Phillips Topaz LED intensity

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Phillips Topaz LED intensity | 5 July, 2012

Hello: We have used our Phillips Topaz on a number of volume jobs and been very pleased. A while ago it became apparent that the vision LED's were growing dimmer as evidenced by having to adjust light intensities upward for various components in software. It has reached the limit of our ability to adjust there, and now is not recognizing fiducial marks. I know I read in a post here or in the manuals that the LED intensity can be increased by adjusting a pot. Below the unit is a control board which I suspect is where this adjustment is made, but it is not labeled. Has anyone made this adjustment and is able to give me some guidance on this subject or point me towards a reference to use? I would appreciate any help available. Thanks, Jim.

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Phillips Topaz LED intensity | 8 July, 2012

Send me your email address... I will send you the document. Please note that you need the Light Adjuster tool to do it !

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Phillips Topaz LED intensity | 9 July, 2012

Please send us your details. We, EUROPE-SMT, are the no. 1 Assembleon Used Equipment Service Company. Official partner of Assembleon also! Let me help, with service, spares etc etc. Thanks Jasper

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