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Fuji CP IV-3

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Fuji CP IV-3 | 22 June, 2012

We recently made a backup of our FujiFlexa and Fuji give us a new License for the new installation.

Then loaded the program into the machine and now its placing some of the components off. We retransmitted the Status and Proper then reloaded the program. After all this things were done we run the machine and it still placing the components off. Checked the program and the coordinates are correct. I am not sure what we are doing wrong or what we should do to fix it.

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Fuji CP IV-3 | 4 July, 2012

Good morning,

Just a few questions to clarify: 1. You backed up your machine proper data. 2. You upgraded Fuji Flexa. 3. You re-transmitted the proper data 4. Now, components are not placing properly?

Do you have a fuji 96-001 calibration board? Have you tried running it? Is it placing proplely? If you don't have a calibration board, let me know. We have a few and I can send one to you to borrow. This will be your first step in narrowing down your problem.

If you have a 96 board, run it. If it places perfectly the problem is in your Flexa program. If it doesn't place perfectly, you'll have to check and calibrate your machine.

Let me know if you need any help.

Thanks, Dax

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