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Flux Cleaner

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Flux Cleaner | 14 June, 2012


We are looking for flux cleaner to cleaning the PCBA for manual rework.

Please suggest me the flux cleaner supplier or manufacturer name and also that material need have to low cost.

Regards, Saju.

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Flux Cleaner | 14 June, 2012

Warm De-Ionized Water and a brush? If they water soluble...

Realistically, We need to know what flux your working with. Typically the manufacturer will recommend a cleaning methods on the TDS, easiest to stick with that.

If they are high reliability what ever process you choose you should do some sort of cleanliness testing to check for contaminants post processing.

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Flux Cleaner | 15 June, 2012

For manual rework we use cleaner Cybersolv 141-R from Kyzen. Very nice effect and normal smell.

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