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Mydata MY500 pricing

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Mydata MY500 - Jun 05, 2012 by Sr.Tech  

Mydata MY500 - Jun 05, 2012 by A Very Frazzled Man  

Mydata MY500 - Jun 08, 2012 by wacha think  

Mydata MY500 - Jun 14, 2012 by tech1  

Mydata MY500 - Aug 14, 2012 by chris  

Mydata MY500 - Aug 14, 2012 by KaHrpr  


Mydata MY500 | 5 June, 2012

Is anyone on here using the MY500 ? If so, please provide some feedback on what you think about it.

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Mydata MY500 | 5 June, 2012

I'm not using it, nor do I know of anybody that is, but when I saw it at Apex a couple of years ago, my first thought was that the cycle time of the machine was almost always going to prevent it from being installed in a line where throughput was a critical factor. It might be worthwile in a low volume/high mix environment, but at the time, it didn't seem to have a niche anywhere in the mid volume and higher market.

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Mydata MY500 | 8 June, 2012

We have a My500 at out plant. We are high volume and low to medium volume. It is a great machine and is a great solution to some problems that a conventional screen printer cant get around. For example, we have some producets that are not flat on top and will not work under a stencil. The My500 lets you define obsticals on the board. You can vary the thickness of the print for different components. It will automatically correct any insufficient prints after inspection. It is a great tool for prototypes because you dont need to order a new stencil for any changes -- you just edit the program.

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Mydata MY500 | 14 June, 2012

If you cannot put paste down with a stencil, have exhausted all other avenues on putting paste down and the MY500 is the only machine that can put the paste where you want it... Buy it.

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Mydata MY500 | 14 August, 2012


until now the machine can follow 30.000cph. We have it and we would never sell it. Just to open the hood , implement the holder and press "start" on the screen to let him run is very impressive. No cleaning, nothing.

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Mydata MY500 | 14 August, 2012

If you need cycle times less than a 60 sec this is not the machine. If its a real dense board and big it can take up to 10 minutes. It can miss pads so you have to use the inspect and that is what eats up time. The machine will re-paste any missed spots. Their are only 2 to 3 different pastes you can use. The pastes have a higher flux content which means a little more residue than most pastes. It does a nice job of printing its very flexable and there is little clean up, no screens to order. It uses the gerbers to program. it does take longer to program because you are always trying to take time out of the program. If your cycle times are not fast this works great. If this is your only screen printer and you need to run a big job the print time could potentially hurt you on some boards it can be "painfully slow". I am not saying its a bad printer, its just that Mydata over sells its speed.Just make sure its the right fit for your company.

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