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AOI Aleader

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AOI Aleader | 1 June, 2012

Hello everyone!

We check for a new AOI system. I know a Mirtec machine (MV-2HTL), but this time we check for the MV-2GT or MV-3L.

I got a presentation about the Aleader AOI and it seems to be good machine. Anyone know somethings about it? What are the inconvenients if we compare with Mirtec or Yestech?

Thank you!

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AOI Aleader | 15 June, 2012

I'm unaware of the machine.

The approach that you're taking in trying to learn more about the machine makes sense. Since you're not getting many responses right away, consider asking your sale-type for a list of customers that use this product. Be aware he/she may be nervous about giving you the list for competitive reasons. So, just tell him/her that you won't divulge their list and if he/she doesn't give you the list that you'll have to assume that no one is using their product and there must be something wrong with it.

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AOI Aleader | 18 June, 2012

seems Chinese AOI, I've seen plenty of such in price range $10-12K when I was in China, they have perfect mechanic and poor written software,which make them almost unusable

when buy one such machine from China expect near zero support

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AOI Aleader | 18 June, 2012

Thank you guys!!

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AOI Aleader | 2 July, 2012

I have had a demo on their ALD520 machine (desktop)and it looks good..... good enough for me to want to return with a batch of assembled boards to see how it deals with a medium volumes......

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AOI Aleader | 2 July, 2012

I would also want to tell you to be careful with the chinese machines. I am working with a inline chinese AOI, it is cheap, but lots of falls alarms, bug problems, poor english in the menus, poor support. On the first view it seemed good machine, now I have lots of headaches with it.

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AOI Aleader | 3 July, 2012

I appreciate the heads up.....many thanks

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