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GSM 2 Spindle

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GSM 2 Spindle | 10 May, 2012

All Professional,

I've a GSM 2 flex head (2 beams). Beam 1, spindle 1 and 2 is disable right now. Spindle is not changing nozzle right now. How hard is it to replace the spindle? Does it involve calibration, and can anyone provide me with instruction.

Thank you all. Mark

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GSM 2 Spindle | 11 May, 2012

Have you tried adjusting the spindle height? To do this you will need UIC fixture #46315501.

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GSM 2 Spindle | 14 May, 2012

It's been a really long time since I worked on a GSM but we did have some spindle problems and it was the clutch that was not working properly. The head was removed from the machine and a special tool was needed to remove the clutch. A caibration was done when the head was put back on the gantry. Sorry for the lack of details but wanted to point out checking the clutch assembly.

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