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Quad QSV-1 error msg

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Quad QSV-1 error msg | 8 May, 2012

Hello guys, I have a error message in a QSV-1 machine, when it tuns on "File archive error occurred while reading header of table top:permanent table top", I have no experience with this machine, so no good so far, already escalated to service and waiting for a response, our thecnical expert is unavailable so I hope some one of you can provide me with any idea of how to repair it. Win 98, no recently upgadre or any other change, same placement program as last week, no major maintenance on previous days.

Not many Quad machines in my area, so not many experts arround... :(

Thanks for your inputs!

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Quad QSV-1 error msg | 9 May, 2012

Try going into the program definition screen and delete the permanent table top. Then shut down and reboot. The permanent table top will be re created upon reboot.

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