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Wave soldering .050" pitch connectors

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Wave soldering .050" pitch connectors | 27 April, 2012

Can anyone offer guidelines on DFM and process recommendations for soldering .050" pitch connectors in the wave. The initail design had .026" drill with .043" pads so only .007" between pads. I requested .035" pads, but this still only leaves .015" between pads and R&D is balking at making the change.

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Wave soldering .050 | 28 April, 2012

Yiii, you scared me with that wave soldering 25 thou stuff upfront.

Look here, it may help

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Wave soldering .050 | 30 April, 2012

Good luck with that!!! if someone out there can do that I would love to know how. At .015 the best you can hope for is getting just some bridging maybe.

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