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Mirtec AOI - bad OCR result

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Mirtec AOI - bad OCR result | 21 April, 2012

Hi all,

we have a Mirtec table top system MV-7. We are trying to use the ocr function to "read" the letters on the IC/resistors and so on. But the results are really bad.

From other company using other machine i know that ocr is working fine.

Has the mirtec a problem with OCR?

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Mirtec AOI - bad OCR result | 23 April, 2012

I have a MV-2HTL and we don't have problems with it. Have you try to contact Mirtec ? probably is a problem with the camera.

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Mirtec AOI - bad OCR result | 24 April, 2012

Hello Laritzstange,

My name is Brian D'Amico, I am the president of MIRTEC USA. I noticed your posting on this forum and I would like to offer some guidance. First, I would like to ask which system you have. Our MV-7 system is an in-line system. Our Desktop models will be either MV-2, or MV-3. Also, please let us know which software version you are currently running on your system. Thank you...

As far as using OCR for resistors and ICs, the issue is really with the integrity of the nomenclature. OCR will work OK with part markings that are clear and consistent such as labels on programmed devices, silk screen markings and such, however, stamped and etched devices typically vary too much to achieve consistent results. In order to verify the markings on these devices we would recommend using OCV.

By the way, please feel free to contact your local MIRTEC office for support with questions such as these. We are here to help! The phone number to our support center in the USA is (203) 881-5559.

Thank you for your business confidence.


Brian D'Amico President MIRTEC USA

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Mirtec AOI - bad OCR result | 25 April, 2012

Hi is me again

If what you are looking is for the AOI to "see" the marking on a resistor theres the option of taking a picture of only the numbers in the resistor is not highly accurate but it works.

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