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A 5S organized work space

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A 5S organized work space | 16 April, 2012

I'm doing an inpromtu survey.... I'm asking all Manufacturing/Process Engineers...

Do you practice "5S" in your work space? (Desk, Cubical, Office, etc) I've been in the industry for almost 20 years.... I completely understand the concept of 5S. Yet it does not fit in my application. Nor have I ever met/worked with an Engineer whose "work space" was completely organized and free of clutter.

Am I in the minority?

How's your work space look?

Is it possible to be juggeling nine balls and still have a free hand to organize and put things away?

5S. Everything has a place, and nothing should be used that doesn't have a dedicated place.

My place for everything is "The Pile" on my desk. If only it were that easy... :-/

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A 5S organized work space | 17 April, 2012

I read 'Getting Things Done' [David Allen] and have developed a work task notebook based on Allen's ideas, but I haven't fully embraced his 'a place for everything' approach.

And this doesn't show the pile of paper collecting behind my chair.


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A 5S organized work space | 17 April, 2012

Not bad!! I'm not there yet, but I have a plan!

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A 5S organized work space | 19 April, 2012

Funny. Can't imagine an engineer without some clutter in the workspace. While I "get" the 5S paradigm, for myself it would create a sterile, souless, and unappealing place to work. Everything in its place and a place for everything... The principle is good, but the actual practice kinda looks like an OCD to me What is the old saying about clean desks and sick minds?


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A 5S organized work space | 19 April, 2012

I don't, My desk causally is piled with papers, programming printouts, PCB's with defects to be resolved, and spare/broken parts from the SMT machines.

For me its more important to help the SMT department and SMT Inspection department get better organized or 5S than it is for me to attempt to keep my desk 5S.

5S the most bang for your buck, its usually takes a decent time investment, mitaswell do it in a location that gives the largest time and quality return.

Now the SMT tool chest, the SMT work table and the other areas in my departments are either 5S or working toward 5s.

SMT & Inspection lead

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A 5S organized work space | 25 April, 2012

I think we all have come to ask the same question, sometime in our career, like you and everybody else we try to comply with the 5S's in our desk, but is just no way we can maintain the level of cleanness and order the 5S requires, yes we can have a clean and order desk but there's always going to be "the pile" we all know what that is :), of course other areas like work desk or tool cart those are 5S's.


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