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SAC305 vs SN100?

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 16 April, 2012

We are thinking of switching over from sac305 to sn100. Has anyone had any experience with this changeover and is there any drawbacks to switching to sn100?

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 17 April, 2012

I'd say it depends on the whole process you have.

With our 5 zone oven, I could never get a profile that worked as well as SAC305, so we switched back.

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 17 April, 2012

Actually we were looking into it for our selective solder process only. We are pretty happy with the results of 305 at smt.

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 18 April, 2012

We started with SN100C from the very beginning when we purchased our selective solder machine. It has been working well for us. I can't speak to what happens when changing over to it, but I've heard of many companies using SN100C for selective solder successfully.

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 20 April, 2012

kkay: I'm not real clear on where in the assembly process flow that you are considering replacing SAC305 with SN100. Please clarify

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 20 April, 2012

Only at our selective solder process.

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 21 April, 2012

We are using SN100C in both our wave and selective machines and have very good results. We also using it for ROHS hand soldering. It flows better than SAC305, the joints are shinny just like Sn63/37. We are looking into using SN100C as our paste but we can not find a vendor who will put SN100C into the cartridges for our MY-500 Jet Paste Printer. We have never had a customer complant with the SN100C joints, in fact they loke the way they look.

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SAC305 vs SN100? | 4 May, 2012

SN100C is being used by 95% of our customers over the SAC305. The main reasons are Cost big savings easily $10.00 lb, nice shiny solder joints good for quality inspection. Very few people are using SN100C in SMT Due to increased temperature requirements. Hope this helps

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