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Wave Solder DPMO Target

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Wave Solder DPMO Target | 6 April, 2012


We have been tracking our SMT quality levels using DPMO which has been a great way to monitor our process with a huge variation in products we build (we're an low vol/high mix EMS provider).

We are now looking at implementing the same scheme for our wave solder processes and I've been thinking about how to establish our initial target for DPMO. We don't have the IPC 7912 standard and I'm not sure if there is a method to determine our starting point. I'm sure Bob Willis has some great insight on this subject but any attempt getting to his website is lighting up my anti-virus software currently. Maybe, I have the UK filter on?

Here's my question - Is there any rule of thumb that you have used/heard of that is accepted as a best in class DPMO level for wave soldering?

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Wave Solder DPMO Target | 10 April, 2012

Here's information from Bob's ppm site ...

||Screen Printing||Component Placement||Reflow Soldering||Wave Soldering May ‘02||730||15020||448||18251 June ‘02||569||7103||678||3366 July ‘02||3977||2998||1227||3736 August ‘02||1430||1229||108||4314 September ‘02||776||9787||1188||6075 October ‘02||341||1665||267||7579 November’ 02||251||784||1981||1902 December ‘02||198||1059||335||4429 January’ 03||175||1589||243||1846 February ‘03||306||10545||1683||6140 March ‘03||1056||1579||1565||4913 April ‘03||1801||1102||28098||6677 May ‘03||896||1174||1071||1828 June ‘03||247||1351||569||3954 July ‘03||106||620||110||1793 August ‘03||57||1055||23||2806 September ‘03||67||1811||178||2043 October ‘03||11197||290||497||6232 November ‘03||7||734||77||4155 December ‘03||0||576||37||3408

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