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Universal GSM feeders

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Universal GSM feeders | 22 March, 2012

Anyone know where a good source to get Universal GSM feeders?

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Universal GSM feeders | 26 March, 2012

we can help you with GSM feeders send us a list of what you require

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Universal GSM feeders | 19 April, 2012

You might keep a eye on SMT auctions, Sometimes you can get a good deal. As long as you get the feeder for less than 100-200$ each at auction/ up to 500$ each for a dual lane, you can be assured that you can fix it to fully working if its broken for less than the price of the feeder.

Keep in mind if you buy greens the takeup wheels and take up hubs will probably be missing, as will the black reel caps. I would avoid greens at auction or anywhere.

Black and Silver feeders are usually unbreakable, Blacks are probably to slow for anything but flexjet.

golds and gold 60 gold 60 + are hard to find at auction, there generally solid feeders, 60's are almost 2x faster index than a silver.(60 means 60 millisecond 4mm index).

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