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solder paste control

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solder paste control | 14 March, 2012

We need to develop a method of putting solder paste on a stencil then putting the unused part back into the refrig. Reason we are thinking of this method is because we only run circuit boards twice a week. I dont want to waste entire jar of paste because we have 14 days once open. Can I do this or do I need to contact my solder manufacturer and see if they are willing to take my jar of solder paste and make it into smaller portions. Is there something I can do if my paste manufacturer is unwilling to make smaller portions. Any and all comments are welcome.

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solder paste control | 14 March, 2012

You're not clear if you intend to reclaim and re-use the paste from the stencil or not. If not, then you should go to cartridges with an air gun or modify a caulking gun for dispensing paste from cartridges. The paste will last a long time.

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