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Epoxy for printing

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Epoxy for printing | 7 March, 2012

Hello, can anyone recommend a conductive epoxy for printing and 0402 cap attach? We have some short issues underneath the 0402 caps with our current epoxy. Any input is appreciated. Thanks a lot...

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Epoxy for printing | 8 March, 2012

hi, I represent Epoxy Technology in the southeastern US states. They have a nice PCBA application guide. Here is the url for the PCB Guide;

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Epoxy for printing | 9 March, 2012

Thank you for the information. I am in touch with Epoxy Technology. They recommended two products. I will try one of them and find out how it works.

I was just wondering if anyone like to share their experience with epoxy printing and 0402 SMT capacitors attach. How do you eliminate short issue? Thanks!

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Epoxy for printing | 9 March, 2012

Care must be taken to not apply an excess of material, as the adhesive will flow under the device during placement and curing, and could cause a short.

Printer setup: * Don't worry about stencil thickness. A wide range of stencil thicknesses (typically from 2 to 8 thou) can be used. * Use steel squeegees. * Mount the squeegee blades at a slight angle from vertical. * Select a good stroke speed. It will vary with size of stencil openings and placement of apertures. * Print - print to transfer material between both squeegee blades. * Use a standoff with a small offset (typically 40 thou) in order to achieve clean patterns.

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Epoxy for printing | 12 March, 2012

Thanks a lot for your input. Why do you prefer steel squeegees? We use hard plastic ones.Thanks.

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Epoxy for printing | 13 March, 2012

Hard plastic, such as polyurethane or Teflon, are fine for printing adhesives, since there isn't as much as a requirement for applying sheer as there is with paste. So, scooping is not as much of a issue.

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Epoxy for printing | 13 March, 2012

It looks like our printing is fine. The short issue is caused by the placement. Mydata we used for placement has a global force setup which cannot be changed for individual component.

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