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SMT placment Machine

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SMT placment Machine | 28 February, 2012

Hi All,

I am currently looking at purchasing an SMT machine with 01005 and flip chip capability, We have a limited budget but have found some machine which may suit.

Mydata MY100LX10e Fuji NXT, 2nd hand 2007 vintage, Yamaha YS12F

Do any of you have any experience in dealing with these machines, how did you find their performance/reliability and how was the service from the respective companies.

Would also be interested in hearing other suggestions.

Thanks, Richie

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SMT placment Machine | 2 March, 2012

It depends on your companys position.

Are you a Sub Contract Manufacturer or an OEM?

I dont have any experience with those parts you mention, but from the list and knowing the systems i would recommend the Fuji everytime as im an CP4/CP6/IP3 as I was always impressed with its placment accuracy. Solid reliable machine with good track record.

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SMT placment Machine | 6 March, 2012

Ur not going to do 01005's with CP4,CP6,IP3

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