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Connector | 27 February, 2012

Could anyone suggest where I could get a suitable connector for the 3pin oxggen sensor in the attached datasheet? It cannot be soldered.

The link in the datasheet to their recommended connector is broken.

I want to use a thru hole to mount it. I realise this is a SMT forum, so apologies!



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Connector | 2 March, 2012

21. What is the recommended way to connect the sensor?

Answer (Pellistors) For VQ500 series sensors please use sockets For other pellistors connect to header legs by soldering or mechanical methods

Answer (Infrared) See datasheets for pin out connections . See for recommended sockets.

Answer (Electrochemical) Refer to datasheet for pin out connections. See for recommended sockets

Answer (Semiconductor) For TO39 sensors use sockets or solder to board. For SMD solder direct to board.

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