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Quad IVc Global Offset

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Quad IVc Global Offset | 7 February, 2012

I've got an issue, i can't seem to figure out. I think I need to apply a global offset to all my placements for some reason, and I would like to know why, before I do it. nozzles work, picks seem ok, but the placements are off by about 1/2 the width of an 0805. Not sure why, but it's all of them, consistently. I see there's a global offset parameter, but it seems that would apply to the picks too. I don't want that, the picking is bad (think i need a smaller nozzle and maybe a delay), but it's at least aligned.

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Quad IVc Global Offset | 7 February, 2012

Are your placements being placed in the center of the camera crosshairs? If not, you need to fix your head to camera offset. The numbers are kept in a couple of mod codes. You also need to update the configuration file in central controller if the numbers were off.

If the parts are placed in the center of the crosshairs but the placements are just off......There is a function code to gloabally offset your placements.

Good Luck

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Quad IVc Global Offset | 8 February, 2012

Are you using Auto Program to generate the board program?

If your camera offset and mod codes are OK I would check your board position settings in Auto Program and make sure they are correct. For me at least, board globals, position, and fidicuals were some of the more difficult things to get working correctly from Auto Program.

I had to experiment with this a lot to get it right for the first boards I ran on the Quad.

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