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Repair Units

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Repair Units | 26 January, 2012

Sir i need someones expertise on my problem. We are running repair unit which we conduct FFC removal in this process we are encountering big problem by whick we lessen solder deposit on our PCB.. 1. Can you give me some idea on what way can we put additional solder on our PCB? 2. Spec's 57 pins 0.5mm pitch

We already reprocess by again Solder paste printing and refolw..

NEED your expertise on this

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Repair Units | 26 January, 2012

Here's what we hear you saying: * Trying to repair a printed circuit board assembly * There's a problem replacing a 57 pin, 20 thou connector * Can't get enough solder paste on the connector leads * Printing paste, replacing the connector, then reflowing the assembly

If so, try either: * Open up the apertures of your stencil ... OR * Use a thicker stencil ... OR * In addition to what you're presently doing, use a manual paste dispense gun to lay a line of paste over the connector leads. Then reflow

If not, give us more detail

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Repair Units | 24 February, 2012

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