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Solder pot inspection

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Solder pot inspection | 5 January, 2012

so our annual solder drain and inspection lead us to discover holes in the ceramic paint covering the inner layer of our solder pot, looks like some of the finer layers of the ceramic are left behind still protecting the steel, thinking about repairing the holes with VHT- flame proof ceramic coating ( )



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Solder pot inspection | 5 January, 2012

wow! sorry for the size of the pictures!

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Solder pot inspection | 9 January, 2012

Your pictures are 1600X1200 JPEG. That's like 900k. Try saving them as 640X480 JPEG

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Solder pot inspection | 9 January, 2012

Let's face it, you're luckier than shit that you found this before the contents of your solder pot was on the floor.

We're not real excited about this spray-on material that you're talking about using. How does this stuff: * React with tin? * Change the characteristics of your solder? * Change your inspection cycle?

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Solder pot inspection | 12 January, 2012

yeah we are getting quotes on a new solder pot, we have used that paint we tested a small sample of it with solder and it seems to be ok, we are doing a full solder alloy change in about two months so we will have a chance to inspect the solder pot again. from what i gather the solder pot was under stress and warped with the weight and long term heating and cooling cycles once all the solder was out the pot slowly returned to its original shape building up pressure and cracking off the enamel coating to revel the "primer coat" of the Vitreous enamel process so there is a thin layer of enamel left before the steel

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