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mydata | 4 December, 2011

I have a mydata tp-11, crap hard drive, When I look to replace the hard drive with another, the machine ask me for a password or passcode. Anyone help?

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mydata | 14 December, 2011

I have had this problem and I've resolved it. I don't have access to the PW at this moment but I've requested it be sent to me. Please don't give up on this thread.

Try these passwords: "anders" and "akuankka"

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mydata | 19 December, 2011


I have 2 Mydatas in here, I think the 2 passwords are not the ones you are looking for, Might be that the software is looking for something call the Magic Word? if so, you need to contact MYDATA so that they can send you the "Magic Word", you see the TPSys is not actually one program, actually is a bunch of programs that run in the machine and it looks for that "magic word".

Hope it helps

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