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Grease & Grease Guns

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Grease & Grease Guns | 22 November, 2011

Good morning everyone,

We're whipping our maintenance into shape. For starters, we've acquired the proper lubricants for our Fuji machines. Most of the lubricants (AFC, LRL-3, Daphne EP2) come in accordion/bellows style grease tubes. This isn't a problem since we already have several of the manual pump grease guns. However, I'd like to switch over to air-powered grease guns. It would expedite the maintenance somewhat, and sometimes it's difficult to hold the nozzle onto the grease nipple and operate the grease gun with one hand.

My question for you mech-heads or experienced maintenance guys: Do you know of any air grease guns that will accept a 400cc screw-in accordion grease tube? There are plenty of 400cc air guns available, but they don't appear to accept these cartridges.

If you've got any suggestions, i'd love to hear them.

Thanks, Dax

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