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Fuji gsp III - 4000

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Fuji gsp III - 4000 | 19 November, 2011

We have an old Fuji GSP III-4000 we just changed the fiber sensor on the in-bound and outbound of the printer. The problem we are having now is the board would only go midway the table and it would go up. It does not even reach the main stopper and the table is going up already. We played with the fiber amplifier but no luck. I was wondering if anybody had come to this problem and how and what was done to fix it. Thank you.

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Fuji gsp III - 4000 | 21 November, 2011

Hahaha ! I have a pretty good idea what's going on......There is a string hanging off of one of the belts. When the string goes by the sensor it's tripping it.

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