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What is the best way to keep ESD totes clean?

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What is the best way to keep ESD totes clean? | 17 November, 2011

We use both the blue static dissipative and black conductive ESD totes to store/transport our electronic assemblies. Our problem is that they get dusty/dirty and periodically need to be cleaned using ESD cleaner and a paper towel. Being that human nature isn't what it should be, rarely do people take the initiative to clean their totes before use. Some people lay a Kimwipe on the bottom, but doubt that this is acceptable from an ESD standpoint.

Since reminding has failed, one idea was to get a "dishwasher" of some type to clean small batches regularly, but what type of detergent as to not affect the ESD properties? Sounds like overkill. Another would be to put the dusty ones on a shelf and assign someone to clean them by hand periodically.

I'm sure this is an issue for most companies and would like to know your methods of keeping ESD totes clean and ready for use while preserving the ESD properties. Thank you!

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What is the best way to keep ESD totes clean? | 18 November, 2011

Much ado about nothing. Reminding has failed? Who runs the place? You sound like you are a person in authority. You may not be the boss, but authority has weight. The folks that can't seem to remember (or care to remember) have bosses that you can go to and address the issues. But that is a last resort. First, what kind of Quality Control do you have in place? If any, this needs to be part of that and procedures written out so that the process itself is controlled (which means it will get audited on a regular basic by the QC folks to ensure the process is being implemented and followed). If you have no QC personal, make up a procedure on your own and meet with those responsible for the cleaning and let them know what is expected. If there is still no compliance...well, you have a disciplinary process don't you?

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