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Mydata MY12 Hydra Theta error

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Mydata MY12 Hydra Theta error | 15 November, 2011


I have a problem with one of our MY12 machines, the machine stops very often (approx. 10-20 times a day) writing the following error message : f-mot-msetdyn hydra theta/205(f-hrdw-3). We then have to reinitialize the machine to continue production. We have consulted Mydata, but have not yet recieved a usable solution. Does any of you know what could trigger this error? We have already changed all pcb's that could affect the hydra, with no effect.

Hoping for a good advice

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Mydata MY12 Hydra Theta error | 16 November, 2011

According to the message guide it just says that it's a error telling you to initiate the Hydra Theta axis. I suppose the encoder for the hydra theta motor could be losing count and causing it to need to be re-initiated, or it could be something to do with one of the Motor controller cards in the bottom of the machine. Almost all of those cards are inter-changeable so you could swap the theta controller with another one and see if it makes a difference.

Do you know the last time the belt and spring for the hydra theta control was replaced? If it's been too long it can stretch out and cause problems as well. Hope this helps a little, let me know if anything helps.


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Mydata MY12 Hydra Theta error | 21 November, 2011

Thanks Phil But the belt and spring has been changed recently. Unfortunatly we couldn't wait any longer for a solution, so we had to go for a change of the hydra-unit. This seems to have solved the matter, but I had hoped for a less expensive solution.

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Mydata MY12 Hydra Theta error | 24 November, 2011

Oh wow, I suppose that would fix it huh? That's too bad that the whole unit had to be replaced, but look on the bright side, you should have a decent amount of spare hydra parts now right? haha

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Mydata MY12 Hydra Theta error | 28 November, 2011

Negative on the spares. Mydata wants the other head for core....

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